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Indoor Air QualitySteps to control odors

Health experts say maintaining optimal indoor air quality is essential for managing MCS symptoms, because chemicals and odors are concentrated indoors.

Here a few tips for controlling indoor chemical exposure:

  1. Control the source. Identify the source of an odor and remove it. For example, gasoline and kerosene fuel and equipment should be stored in an outside shed or garage.
  2. Increase ventilation. Opening a window to provide ventilation will help. Schedule interior painting for warm months when windows can be left open.
  3. Avoid air fresheners. Do not cover-up odors with scented candles or air fresheners. Many of these contain chemicals that are toxic to everyone in the home, not just MCS sufferers.
  4. Use an effective air purifier. Air purifiers that effectively filter chemicals from the air can help MCS patients. Air cleaners must be able to control a wide range of chemicals and must not themselves be a source of chemical contamination. Reviewers rate IQAir air purifiers as the best systems available for MCS sufferers.