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Breathe Healthier Air

H2H Indoor Air solutions wanted a way not only to find the problem but to provide a solution. Therefore we partnered with IQAir is arguably the best air purifier on the market. IQAir is manufactured in Switzerland and is known for its very high quality of workmanship and technology.
“The key to solving some of the problems we find is controlling the particle size of the particulate in the air we breathe”, states Richard Van Dort, President. The IQAir machine does exactly that. It is tested before shipping to assure the proper air flow. It even comes with a certificate of that test procedure. The IQAir system can remove particles up to .003 microns of an inch. Your nose can only filter out .10 microns of an inch. Below is a chart showing the particle size of most air borne pollutants.
IQAir has been rated as consumer’s “Best all-around room Purifier”. At its highest setting it will purify most of one floor. At setting 2 it will change the air over 3x in one hour for a room 10x12x8. At setting 2 you barely hear the unit.

You have a right to “Breathe Healthier Air”, it is worth the investment.



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