Mold isn’t always visible and goes
deeper than the surface.

Do you suspect you might need mold remediation?

Living in a humid climate near the ocean means that homes and businesses are more susceptible to mold growth. Potentially hidden problems can be tricky and may require hiring a professional Indoor Air Quality Assessor.

H2H Indoor Air Solutions provides the highest level of professionally licensed, certified and insured mold inspectors in Northeast and Central Florida and surrounding areas. Our priority is to protect the health of your family and employees.

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Serving these areas and the surrounding communities of Flagler Beach, Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Orange Park, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach and more.

Our Services

Mold Testing

Visible mold can be a clear indication of a larger problem. However, in many cases additional mold is hidden behind drywall, in cabinetry and under flooring. Our team of licensed mold assessors will work diligently to find the location of the mold in the home by conducting thorough tests to analyze the type and extent of the mold damage.

Indoor Air Quality Assessments

This comprehensive assessment involves gathering multiple air particulate samples in multiple parts of the home or business. We are not only looking for mold at this point, we are examining for potential other hazardous pollutants such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, combustible gases and other contaminants.

How do I know if I need mold testing?

When most people think of mold, they think of visible black mold. What most homeowners don’t realize, is that mold isn’t always visible. This tiny organism can be hiding within wall cavities, under flooring, and behind furniture. We inspect thoroughly to find any potentially contaminated areas in your building.


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If your home in St Augustine, Palm Coast, Daytona Beach, or Ormond Beach has had recent water damage and you think you might need mold remediation, please call our Indoor Air Inspection Team to find out the most cost-saving methods to assure your home has the clean air you deserve.