Air Quality Survey

Air Quality Survey – Air Quality surveys are utilized to investigate unknown potential dangers within a space. The testing may include multiple samples for chemicals such as formaldihide, gases, VOC’s, mold and more

Environmental Consultants Conducting Indoor Air Quality Assessments

The study of indoor air quality is a relatively new phenomenon. It has come to light as more is known about how outdoor air pollution affects the human condition. Indoor air actually can have a significant effect as most people spend more time indoors than outdoors. It is a complex study because of the numerous variables that enter into the equation.

Adverse conditions can cause not only health issues but it can impact productivity and building maintenance costs.

H2H Indoor Air Solutions conducts a thorough analysis of the home or business. Here is what our detailed process entails:

Our Process

  • 1. Our company will conduct interviews to understand the depth of the situation.

  • 2. Conduct a walk-through inspection to look for sources of contamination, such as photocopiers, insulation and cleaning materials and moisture intrusion.

  • 3. Take measurement of temperature, humidity, air movement and other comfort parameters.

  • 4. Utilize thermal imaging when applicable to discover abnormalities.

  • 5. Establish the best investigation plan for testing.

  • 6. Once the plan is formulated we then on site test for:

    • Test for excessive airborne particles

    • Examine the ventilation system for causes of poor distribution and potential toxins in the ducts.

    • Measurement of carbon dioxide on site to assess the ventilation efficiency

    • Test on site for biologicals

    • Based on findings we may test for and send to the appropriate laboratory for an analysis of:

      • Formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, ozone

      • Combustible gases

      • Mycotoxins from Mold

      • Volatile organic compounds

  • We then establish a cause and effect relationship between symptoms and IAQ protocol

  • Once the results are back from the lab we analyze the findings and with the data already collected we draw up a remediation plan.

  • If the remediation plan is carried out we then return to conduct post remediation verification to assure that the problems have been removed.

Your Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing Experts

By working with an experienced indoor air quality professional, you can rest assured you’ll be safe from the damage mold causes to your health and home.

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